CBS News Reports on Infrared Inspection with Peter Hopkins

CBS Meets with Peter Hopkins, Co-Owner of United Infrared, Inc. (National Operations) and Principal of SoCal Infrared (Local Servicing Company).


Infrared Camera Puts Pendleton Fire in New Perspective

For years, fire departments have used thermal imaging cameras mounted on their helicopters to see through smoke, to find people and to localize the base of a fire. Monday night, a Fallbrook man used his unit to record flames from the Sleeping Indian area blaze.

CBS Reports of Equine Thermography

Charlie (the horse) was evacuated from a fire location in San Diego and Peter Hopkins was retained in an effort to help identify injuries Charlie may have sustained during transport.


NBC News reports on Going Green with Thermal Imaging with Peter Hopkins

The following news story aired on NBC News – November 7, 2007.