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Do you have a leaky roof, high energy bills, or a mysterious water leak? Are you in need of an annual thermographic survey of your electrical system? Get the answers you need to take corrective action from our team of Certified Thermographers.

SoCal Infrared provides your home or business with a comprehensive infrared inspection. Equipped with FLIR Systems infrared cameras, utilizing the latest in IR technology, SoCal Infrared offers a non-invasive means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

SoCal Infrared is an authorized sales agent for United Infrared, representing many of todays top manufacturers. If you interested in having an infrared camera or performing these types of scans yourself, contact our office for further information.

Industrial Infrared

This is a non-destructive technology which causes no disruption of service.

Commercial Infrared

Commercial infrared services for moisture, energy savings, electrical systems and more.

Residential Infrared

A detailed analysis of your home. We find moisture intrusion, energy loss, and more.

Veterinary Infrared

Equine and other animal scans with detailed reports sent to your vet.

Quick Facts!

About Peter

Peter Hopkins, a Level III Certified Thermographer is the Owner & President of InspecDoc Inspection Services, Inc. (www.inspecdoc.com), the parent company of SoCal Infrared. Peter has been in the building inspection and evaluation business for over 20 years. Currently servicing most of Southern California as multi-inspector firm with several of the inspectors certified in thermography.

ABS recognized-specialist




Our Gear

We only use the highest quality infrared surveying equipment:

  • Flir T460 Infrared camera with 15, 25 and 45 degree lenses
  • Retrotec US6122 High Power Blower Door
  • Retrotec US642 Duct Tester
  • PPE: Class 2 and 4
  • Extech EX845 Clamp Meter w/Bluetooth connectivity to IR Camera
  • Flir MR77 Moisture Meter/Hygrometer w/Bluetooth Connectivity to IR Camera
  • Delmhorst BD2000 Moisture meter
  • Extech and Kestral Anemometer
  • Rainmaker Spray Rack
  • Tramex RWS & MEP moisture Meters
  • Phantom 4 Drone for Aerial Surveys
  • Wohler 350+ Underground Piping Camera System
  • Bacherach CO Detector
  • Nationwide Mobility
What We Do

SoCal Infrared is a Full Service Infrared Scanning Company based in North San Diego, California. With inspectors located in Orange/LA, San Diego and Riverside counties, we currently service all of Southern California and offer national service via our affiliate network affiliation with United Infrared, Inc. and Thermal Imaging Partners. SoCal Infrared in addition will travel to your location, please do not hesitate to call or email your request. All of our Thermographers are Certified to a minimum Level I credential as specified to ASNT standards. We currently service clients in many applications from Residential and Commercial construction defects to Veterinary Horse infrared scans. Contact us today for your specific request or for more information. SoCal Infrared in addition is an authorized manufacture sales representative for many of todays leading building evaluation products including Flir Systems and Retrotec Energy Innovations.


Top of the line technology

Take a look at the Flir T440 thermal imager we use.

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